Happy 2 Years to DDC! We wouldn't be who we are today if it wasn't for each of you, so we figured this called for a big-time celebration!

For the first time EVER, we will be dropping an exclusive collection in honor of our anniversary... The Dreamer Collection. This collection will have so many fun things from jewelery to sweatpants and much, much more!

  • From the 15th through the end of the month, every order over $75 will receive FREE SHIPPING!

  • From the 15th to the 22nd we will be having fun on our Instagram! From DDC Trivia for some shop credit to submitting your our design ideas, it will be a blast!

  • Join us on Saturday, May 21st for a sale via Instagram Live with ready-to-ship and whoopsie items at a discount!

  • On Sunday, May 22nd we will be having our first DDC Event! Join us in Disneyland for fun and free stuff! To receive more info on the Disney Meet-Up, click the button below!

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