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Enter the Grid - Tron Lightcycle / Run

Enter the Grid - Tron Lightcycle / Run

Ilana Robinson | @disneymom2.0

The newest attraction to be added to Walt Disney World, and therefore the most talked about at the moment, Tron Lightcycle Run is a wonderful addition to Magic Kingdom Park. There have been a lot of comparisons of the new ride to others that have been added to Disney Parks in recent years, and I do think it’s important to note that this rollercoaster was a much needed addition to a park that is otherwise perceived as a “little kid” park.  Here are some things to note about Tron, including how to ride it, and how to prepare to experience it. 

How to Ride 
In order to ride Tron, you must first be certain to secure a park reservation for Magic Kingdom on the day you wish to ride.  It is worth noting that as of April 18, annual passholders no longer need to make a park reservation if they plan to visit a Disney Park after 2pm any day.  However, if you want to ride Tron, you MUST make a park reservation to Magic Kingdom, which will allow you to join the virtual queue.  

Much like the process for previously getting a boarding group to ride Rise of the Resistance when it first opened, and the exact same process for securing a boarding group for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind now, a virtual queue/boarding group is necessary to ride Tron. You can join by accessing the “virtual queue” tab on the My Disney Experience App and joining the virtual queue at exactly 7 am each morning from anywhere, or 1 pm each day if you are inside of Magic Kingdom.  You can also purchase an individual lightning lane to ride it at a specified time.  The cost of that individual lightning lane will vary from day to day. 

It is also worth noting that currently Cast Members are being strict with boarding groups and recall times. You have exactly one hour to return to ride Tron once your boarding group is called.  The only exception to this rule is if you have a dining reservation DURING THE TIME your boarding group is called, and you must present your dining reservation receipt with a time stamp to a Cast Member. Do not expect the same laissez-faire attitude as the Cast Members afford you over at Guardians Cosmic Rewind. GET THERE ON TIME.

Preparing Yourself to Ride 
Brace yourself for the ride vehicle.  It is very different from any ride vehicle you have ever encountered.  If you can, try it out beforehand on the model that is sitting out front of the ride.  It is very awkward to get in and out of this ride, so make sure you practice and get a feel for it in the test vehicle, especially if you are unsteady on your feet. Its easier if you can see in the daylight how to position your body, as opposed to trying to board this thing for the first time in the dark of the loading area.

Be aware that bags of any kind are not allowed on this ride.  There are lockers that can be locked/accessed with either your magic band, park ticket, or a special card that you can ask for.  There is a small compartment on the ride vehicle itself that can fit a phone, and that is all you will be allowed to bring.  The compartment is not large enough to fit a fanny pack, or any bag.  

It is worth mentioning that the queue can get quite long for this ride, due to its popularity, and a good portion of the queue is outdoors, without covering from the sun.  Make sure you prepare properly and bring sunscreen, water, and possibly an umbrella for shade.

Other Notable Tidbits
The ride itself is 59 seconds long.  Many people have made mention that it is short - it is pretty close in length to Rockin’ Rollercoaster.  And to be fair, after sitting in the ride vehicle for about 2 minutes, it is my opinion that it becomes so uncomfortable that you WANT to exit. 

Take note while you’re on the ride of the lights (best seen if you ride towards the back of the rows), and the music.  While the storyline itself is a bit of a miss mosh, the pre-show itself is amazing.  It is short (hallelujah), and delivers a “wow” moment when you enter the Grid!

Lastly, there is a ride vehicle designed for individuals that for whatever reason cannot sit in the traditional ride vehicle - and it is a bench.  You may have to wait a bit longer to ride, but if you are unable to load in and out of the standard ride vehicle, there is an option for you to still ride Tron!

Make sure to check out Tron on your next visit to Magic Kingdom, and be sure to visit the pavilion for stunning views, Disney photopass opportunities, and a new food stand called Energy Bytes, with space themed food offerings!  Do you have plans to ride Tron any time soon?

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